Car Transport Cambridgeshire

Since Alexander Recovery is one of the leading car transport companies in Cambridgeshire, we are committed to providing the most impeccable and safe transport services. From the needs of an individual to the companies, from auto dealers to the leasing companies, our clients proudly recommend us the most in the transport market.

Reliability, determination and Integrity are the principles and objectives accomplished by our team.

We provide a damage-free and cost-effective car transport service from door-to-door.

  • Our car transport services are protected, authorized, and fortified and the panel of our professional and licensed staff will guarantee that your shipped vehicle reaches safely at its desired destination.

Our Car Transport Service is meant to serve both the commercial and residential industry. Keeping in view the requirements and demands of each client, we’ve designed various packages matching the needs and to the client’s end-satisfaction.

We offer different car transport services, also customized according to the client’s needs and desire.


Open Car Transport Service is one of the most affordable and demanding services, especially for car dealers. In the meantime of relocation, the team at The Alexander Recovery transports your car with safety and keen determination. 

This door-to-door car transport service is widely liked and used among our clients. Usually, it carries more than 10 cars at a time for shipment or else it is customized up to the client’s needs. The service is the best option for cars in regular use.


Enclosed transportation of cars is an approach to guaranteed security that your valued vehicles are safely transported from one place to its desired destination without harm, scratches or any accident. It’s crucial to pick a professional transport driver for your car while attempting to make sense of how to move a vehicle. It needs to look many things from the loyalty to the licensed and trusted where you’re about to hand over your car for transportation service.

This service is more preferably used for costly and fragile cars. As compared to the open car transport service, this service is costly but more secure. Metal secured bearers on a trailer are utilized and every transporter can ship somewhere in the range of 1 and 5 vehicles. Enclosed Car Transport Service releases you from the errand that your car will get any mishap. 

Usually, old model cars can be moved utilizing outdoors transportation because open-air transport is more cheap and affordable service. Outside trucks are lighter than enclosed transportation and require less fuel. But, on the other hand, they’re not perfect for delicate autos/cars. It’s more likely expected to have apprehensions of robbery while transportation.

 But the enclosed transport service gives you the indispensable security, and it likewise diminishes your protection premium since Insurance Companies trust enclosed car transportation service. Additionally, this service protects your car utterly against weather damage.


A very few transport organizations offer Door-To-Door facility. In the event of the terminal to terminal, or stop to the station, you need to carry your car yourself to the destined point and your vehicle would be left at the terminal or stop that is closest to your goal. In such cases, the delivery of your car may get postponed and at the terminal, it might be left abandoned until it is sent to the desired destination. This is the place your car may get harm more to the outward hazards.

Consider while choosing a trustworthy transport company…

In any case, know, it is an extreme assignment to locate the best out of enumerable. Many cheap and fake transport organizations are working all through, who don’t implement the specific services that they guarantee. They may misuse you in different manners, for example: by charging the additional charges: by not safeguarding your car from their end on travel: And by at some point they likewise give your vehicle to an outsider or the 3rd party to move in the wake of keeping their bonus.

Moving vehicles from one state to another is inclined to numerous on way perils like climate, mishaps, snowfall, and so on. Just an Auto transport company can shield your vehicle from every single such risk and convey your car all things considered at your new goal. 

We are aware that your vehicle is your second most noteworthy investment after your home. So you should need to move it with the most extreme consideration. 

Alexander Recovery is renowned for excellence in project management and more likely we are Trustworthy. Keeping our words, our company offers the safest car transportation service from door-to-door. Yes, you do not need to go elsewhere to deliver your car to the driver, although we provide pick and drop service to our clients. Our driver will reach at your spot to pick the car and the shipment will be delivered right on the place in time. We make no compromise over the quality work we offer.

Are you getting panic to transport your car from anywhere to anywhere in Cambridgeshire? The Alexander Recovery and its licensed team are just a click’s away from you. We have the experience for more than a decade in dealing with transportation in Cambridgeshire. Our good quality containers, trained drivers and commendable service have made us the one-stop solution for all your car transport services.

For further inquiry, call us and get full-fledged information regarding car transportation services. We are delighted to assist you!  

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